A screenshot of various values that TUmblr does and does not represent A screenshot of Doug, Anna, and I riffing off one another

TL;DR: I've been designing 'how messaging works' across many scales and contexts, from the one–to–one to the many–to–many — from system to user, and between users themselves. Related to this work, I've also been improving how we deal with self-moderation, user safety, and other security-related subjects.

At max, the size of our product design team has been four people, which is frankly absurd for a company of our size — this means co-operating across product boundaries and informing one anothers' work has been crucial to getting meaningful work done. While "Messaging" and "User Safety" have been my primary spheres of work, I've contributed a fair share to many other aspects of the product–system.

Lastly, I've been involved with Tumblr Labs as a council member/pseudo project manager, dreaming of a better and weirder blue hell site:

screenshot of me making dumb joke in slack, singing the word 'labs' to the tune of 'Shots' by LMFAO ft. Lil Jon

This is my tumblr: http://ed.tumblr.com/

Eventually, I need to get around to padding out some case studies and documentation for the following projects. If you're looking at this page to get an idea of what I'm doing at Tumblr, just email me and we can chat about whatever you'd like.

Product Designing:

  1. Messaging — Icebreakers (Friendly and non-technical overview)
  2. Messaging — Medias and Inbox Consolidation
  3. Messaging — Stickers
  4. Activity — Notification Rollups
  5. Activity — Notification System Refactor
  6. User Safety — Blocking and Reporting
  7. User Safety — Safe Mode
  8. Special Projects — Tumblr Scratch Ticket
  9. Special Projects — Tumblr 2

Extracurricular Works:

  1. http://labs.edouard.us/creativity-levels/index.html
  2. http://labs.edouard.us/residency/
  3. Tumblr Redpop — Gathering Learning Resources
  4. http://labs.edouard.us/type-test/
  5. Hack Day — Messaging MIDIs

Here's some imagery for you visual types.

Prototype for early version of residency site
Drag to draw interface

Design and dev for unlaunched Tumblr Art Dept. residency program, You are Here

More Later Under Construction Be Patient.