Future Works

I deeply wish for an all–around better,
more futuristic,
more egalitarian,
more ecologically-friendly world.

In approaching problems that span from the smallest to the most massive scales, and involve tackling deep systems–problems that no singular “design” alone can possibly fix, I remain optimistic that there is truly good work left to be done — work that will actually leave everyone and the planet(s!) better off.

Larger–scale works I think about all the time:

  1. Physical–digital product systems for colonists on Mars
  2. Building a Network of the Dead, a dynamic relation–construction of dead folks
  3. Open source learning (self-actualization) networks

Subjects I’ve recently been curious about, and have begun to seriously research:

  1. New hegemonic formats of communication, “The New American Interface”
  2. Virtual reality web browsing, or how we can break the glowing rectangle
  3. Manufacturing methodologies, and how they can be easily communicated

I’m tinkering with these things:

  1. Computerless Website Creation
  2. Physical affordance recontextualisation, imbuing simple objects with prior memories

More later