TL;DR: The bulk of my work thus far has been exploring how to make Tumblr a bit less of an introverted space. Product-wise, I've been designing how messaging works across all scales and contexts, from the one–to–one to the many–to–many — from system to user, and between users themselves. Related to this work, I've also been improving how we deal with user harassment and reporting and a load of other security-related subjects.

Lastly, I've been involved with Tumblr Labs, dreaming of a better and weirder blue hell site:

This is my tumblr: "http://ed.tumblr.com/

Eventually, I need to get around to padding out some case studies and documentation for the following projects. If you're looking at this page to get an idea of what I'm doing at Tumblr, just email me and we can chat about whatever you'd like.

Product Designing:

  1. Messaging — Icebreakers
  2. Messaging — Medias and Inbox Consolidation
  3. Activity — Rollups
  4. CIG Weapons — Block and Report, Native Flow
  5. CIG Weapons — Safe Mode

Extracurricular Works:

  1. http://labs.edouard.us/creativity-levels/index.html
  2. http://labs.edouard.us/residency/