TL;DR: Presence Insights was the name (at the time) of an “Internet of Things” platform/product that helped people get a deeper sense of their physical space and the individuals moving through it. I took point on the design of the PI's info–architecture, interaction models, and physical–digital infrastructure setup.

Since this project is Ongoing, and things change rapidly all the time, this page will adopt a structure of short n’ snippy updates in descending (newest to oldest) order. Expect this stuff to be rather raw!

So with a good majority of my team out for vacation, things have been a little slow and I’ve been prototyping some mobile interfaces to accompany the changes we’ve delivered in the nav earlier this month. I’ve gone through several revisions of these, but I’m just showing a couple.

The views above depict a possible interface for viewing a list of sites you manage. The one you’re located within/near is placed at the top along with a preview of the site map associated with it.

This simple prototype just shows how we might adapt our nav into a mobile format.

This week some huge updates to PI’s navigational structure finally got pushed into the actual product. Here’s a comparison of what it was like, and what it is now:



Although this was a much-needed visual overhaul (that has yet to be fully implemented), there are many info-architectural edits that have yet to be applied given the wide area of effect they cover. Most of these changes regard the flattening of navigable interfaces to simplify PI’s mental model (and remove unsightly nav breadcrumbs) and the consolidation and simplification of experiences that are arbitrarily broken apart.